This weekend saw 100 Short Mat bowlers and spectators from across Greater Manchester arrive at Etherow IBC to take part in and watch the Stockport Indoor Bowling League end of season Knockout cup finals. There were two finals taking place during the day, one for the “Bernie Fennell Trophy” which saw Davenport Golf Club’s “A” team emerge as 2024 champions taking the win from Poynton Sports’ “A” team, having already fended off 15 other teams throughout the season.

The second final was for the “Mike Biggs Trophy” and Brinnington’s “A” team clinched victory from Poynton Sports’ “C” team having already made it through three other rounds with 22 teams battling it out throughout the course of the 2023/24 Short Mat season.

It was wonderful to see Etherow IBC busy and being enjoyed by so many bowlers.