Short Mat Merit Results – Winter 2023

The winter 2023 Short Mat Order of Merit was played over 16 weeks until 1st March 2024.

After each week, players earned between one and eight points, with 8 points awarded for a first place knockout win, down to a single point for finishing in 8th place. The merit table order is based on the total points scored from a given player’s best eight scores added together.

The top four placed players in Winter 2023 were:

  • Gary Williamson took first place winning £40 
  • John Cunningham was second and won £30
  • Steven Roberts finished in third place winning £20
  • Alan Booth came fourth and won £10


Merit Standings After 16 Weeks
Weeks PlayedTotal PointsAverage PointsBest 8 Scores
G. WIlliamson15875.8058
J. Cunningham13604.6245
S. Roberts9455.0044
A. Booth8425.2542
A. Winstanley9414.5640
D. Almond8405.0040
D. Twigg9384.2237
A. Almond8364.5036
P. Robinson8364.5036
A. Norbury7334.7133
D. Lloyd8334.1333
C. Crowther6315.1731
M. Douglass10323.2030
E. Hulme7294.1429
D. Slater6274.5027
P. Norbury6254.1725
D. Spilsbury6233.8323
D. Heatley5224.4022
K. Stanley5224.4022
P. Hallows4205.0020
A. Housley3196.3319
A. Potkins4194.7519
D. Quinn4194.7519
J. Bannister3196.3319
K. Baxter3196.3319
M. Dawson4194.7519
M. McHugh4194.7519
E. Young4174.2517
S. Atkinson3175.6717
A. Roberts3155.0015
J. Leung4153.7515
P. Roberts2157.5015
I. Jones2147.0014
R. Booth2136.5013
C. Cooper2126.0012
J. Mitchell2115.5011
R. Goodwin3113.6711
Gl. Jones4102.5010
J. Young3103.3310
K. Hewat3103.3310
J. Proctor294.509
H. Carter284.008
R. Hewat382.678
T. Stevens188.008
A. Crabtree273.507
B. Nielsen177.007
Go. Jones273.507
J. Brain273.507
J. Crowther177.007
M. Anderson177.007
C. Lawther166.006
J. Lax166.006
M. Ridgway166.006
G. Critchley155.005
J. Cooper155.005
M. Haddon351.675
P. Nixon155.005
S. Fletcher155.005
A. Brideaux144.004
S. Scrimgeour144.004
T. Morgan144.004
G. Shaw133.003
G. Thackery231.503
B. Smethurst221.002
E. Slaone122.002
L. Fennell122.002
P. Atkinson221.002
T. Scrimgeour122.002
A. Edwards111.001
A. Ridgway111.001
G. Almond111.001