Short Mat Merit Leaderboard

The spring 2024 Short Mat Order of Merit is being played over 12 weeks up until the end of May 2024.

After each week, players earn between one and eight points, with 8 points awarded for a first place knockout win, down to a single point for finishing in 8th place. The merit table order is based on the total points scored from a given player’s best eight scores added together.

The more weeks that a player competes means more opportunity to get the best total for their top 6 scores.

When a player has more than six scores, for instance 9, then their lowest three scores do not count towards their merit total. This means that players do not need to compete each week but the more times they play will improve their chances of winning the Order of Merit.

There will be cash prizes for the top four places overall and the Merit winner will have their name engraved on the trophy to mark their achievement. The prize breakdown will be:

  • First Place: £40
  • Second Place: £30
  • Third Place: £20
  • Fourth Place: £10

The Etherow IBC Short Mat team hope that all our members enjoy the Friday night short Mat evenings.

Everyone’s welcome, if you would like to join in the coaching, social or competitive bowling please arrive in good time, the sessions run from 4pm to 9pm and the knockouts start from 6.30pm.

Happy Bowling!

Merit Standings After 6 Weeks
Weeks PlayedTotal PointsAverage PointsBest 6 Scores
G. WIlliamson5316.2031
A. Roberts5285.6028
D. Heatley5275.4027
D. Quinn5234.6023
P. Hallows5234.6023
D. Almond3206.6720
J. Crowther4205.0020
H. Carter6193.1719
Cl. Crowther3186.0018
A. Almond3155.0015
J. Leung4153.7515
S. Roberts3155.0015
D. Twigg2147.0014
E. Hulme4133.2513
D. Spilsbury3124.0012
Gl. Jones2115.5011
Go. Jones4112.7511
P. Roberts2105.0010
M. Douglass294.509
A. Booth482.008
J. Pajak188.008
L. Bodye188.008
L. Bignall177.007
A. Potkins362.006
A. Winstanley166.006
E. Young362.006
P. Spry166.006
D. Bignall155.005
D. Lloyd252.505
L. Greenhalgh155.005
B. Nielsen144.004
Ch. Crowther144.004
G. Almond144.004
J. Cunningham144.004
H. Spry133.003
S. Bowmen122.002
G. Richards111.001
J. Bodye111.001

The Merit Table is typically updated within 24 hours after the latest session taking place.